Our Background:

Our founders are David and Sandra Pledger.They have over 30 years serving the hospitality industry that includes sixteen years owning two award winning independent Inns.

Their first introduction to real technology was in the early 80s with the purchase of a container of 44 table top video games direct from Japan. They came with minimum instructions, in Japanese, and they were all different. Everything had to be learnt by trial and error. Later they added fruit machines to the product range and were the first to deploy electronic quiz games in SW England.

By the early nineties they had sold the first inn and David had developed an online training programme for Netscape as well as database modelling for the Regional Development board.

In 2002 they took on their second inn, a run down 8 bedroomed property with covers for 46 dining, a large function room, no bookings at all and a poor local reputation. When they left nine years later the business had 4 stars for accommodation, 1 star for food, an annual occupancy level in excess of 70% and thriving business levels for functions and dining.

David is convinced much of this success was based upon the interest attracted by the various activities they undertook on the internet and with SMS. It was during this period he built the tools that form the bedrock of the Full House Marketing digital tool set.

Going Forward:

Technology now enables Independent Hotels to compete for a greater share of bookings, much of which can be profitable Direct Bookings. Our tool set will maintain its powerful effectiveness in delivering these Direct Bookings and be available to many outlets at the same time by adding additional resources and facilities as they are needed. These include tools for mobile devices, social media and content management as well as hosting on dedicated servers that ensure the fastest delivery of your website to your customers.

Our Mission:

To become the supplier of choice for affordable, cutting edge, digital, marketing technology and sound business advice to independent hotels that want to improve occupancy and profitabilty.

Our Vision:

To enable independent hotels everywhere to compete for a greater share of direct bookings, increase their turnover and improve their profitability.

Our Values:

We are content and technology driven but customer service will always come first. In marketing terms, we do what we ask our customers to do.