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1) Full House is an idea who's time is now. an ambition come to fruition. I did not see why my hotel could not have access to marketing tools similar to those used by the big battalions of our industry and at a price we could afford. I built a suite of digital marketing tools designed to do just that.
2) Full House is also a group of hotel owners and IT professionals committed to making the independent hotel business a more profitable and more fun business to be in.

I am David Pledger, the principal architect behind Full House. I have over twenty years experience in the hospitality industry and owned and ran two independent inns. It was there that I built the original version of Full House to market our hotel. It worked well for me and it will work for you if you let it.

Going from a single site system to what we have now was a big step. We have been supported by the Enterprise Initiative with both finance and expertise to put together a small team of talented and committed individuals. Our aim is to work with independent hoteliers to provide technology and advice that will optimize occupancy and profitability, future proof their business as far as is practical and make life more enjoyable..

It simply means you interact with everything through a web browser. Nothing to install on your computer, nothing to update. We look after the technology leaving you free to run your business and make your guests happy.

At one level no time at all. Once you join and your payment is cleared you will need to provide some basic hotel data to generate the website and you are ready to go.

However you will want to enter content, most importantly images, room prices and availability, via your dashboard and this may take a little longer. It will depend on how much content material you have prepared and how much you decide to create but you can put the site live at any time you choose and simply add content as convenient. At any time you are not sure what is required we are only a phone call away to offer whatever guidance is needed.

You would think "Up the river without a paddle" but not quite. In the event of anything short of a major disaster there is "redundancy" in the system and connections are rerouted. Data held on servers would be unaffected.

We are a phone call away at any time in an emergency. For more routine issues an email will get a screen sharing session set up to resolve the problem during the hours 8am to 6pm. We are working on some videos that will walk you through most of the common scenarios.

At any time you feel uncomfortable with the process, for whatever reason, you can always ring me, David. All our customers have my direct telephone number when they join. If I don't answer leave a message. I will get back to you

If you find a system that suits the way you run your hotel that's great, go ahead and make the investment. Full House is designed for the independent hotelier who wants to optimize occupancy and profitability. We know that is not every hotelier's goal and that's OK. Those that do want optimized occupancy and profitability know that £1.36 a day for the bronze model or £5.16 for the silver suite is a worthwhile price to pay.

You don't. All updates are included in your contractual payments and are applied as they become available. We will always give you a "heads up" before an update.

With the best will in the world we know there will be someone we can't satisfy. If that's you let's part amicably. We'll charge you to the end of the month you notify us and if you are paying annually we will refund any balance. We would appreciate any comments on our performance. We won't say "Goodbye", just "au revoir".

If I may say so that is starting at the wrong end. Full House is an investment into optimizing occupancy and profitability, much as paying the OTA commission is a way to fill rooms at a price. The return you will get on an investment of £1.37 a day (bronze service) or £5.48 for the silver service will be far higher than the 20% of room rate you spend on an OTA.

Absolutely not. OTAs have a valuable part to play in any room booking strategy. The key word here is "part" rather than the whole shooting match. Our tools allow you to balance direct and OTA bookings to get the best of both worlds.

The short answer is yes. The websites are designed for maximum performance and minimum clicks. The servers are hooked up to the main transatlantic networks and the UK's backbone infrastructure. If you or your guests experience any performance that is slower than your normal speeds please let us know and we will investigate urgently.

Yes, we believe it is. Data is held on duplicate servers that have the latest security measures in place. The data is automatically backed up daily so in the worse case scenario that all the servers go down the maximum data loss will be 24 hours worth of bookings. All the static data will be fully recovered.

You need an Internet connection and a device that can connect to the Internet. That's it. No software to download and configure. Your website and control dashboard will work on a PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet or any other device that will connect to the Internet. How's that for simplicity?

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